CAP Foundation

The Civil Air Patrol Foundation promotes and supports Civil Air Patrol by providing direct funding to Civil Air Patrol and its programs, missions and operations, including strengthening squadrons and Wings, and scholarships for cadets and aerospace education.

The Foundation also helps donors leave a legacy and a lasting impact in supporting volunteers serving America’s communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.

Our Foundation staff supports this work by providing education regarding estate planning and working with alumni, members, and donors who want to include Civil Air Patrol in their wills and other planning documents, including life insurance policies and retirement accounts.

We also work with donors and their advisers on comprehensive financial and estate plans that will benefit the donor, the donor’s family, the donor’s descendants (if applicable), and the donor’s preferred charities.

All consultations with donors and potential donors are confidential, without a fee or a charge, and without obligation in any form.

In addition to this webpage, we maintain a website, a quarterly e-newsletter for our donors, members, alumni and friends. To sign-up, click here.

We also are available for workshops and presentations about charitable gift planning, estate planning, legacy planning, and related topics.

If you're interested in learning more about setting up a permanent scholarship or endowment fund, or establishing a fund for a specific CAP activity, program, squadron or wing, contact us today.

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Funds currently in the Foundation

  • August Trust Endowment Fund
  • Brinkman FLWG Cadet Scholarship Fund
  • CAP Nebraska Wing Endowment Fund
  • Chaplain (LTC) Jack Etheridge Scholarship Fund
  • Col Carolyn Guertin Scholarship Endowment
  • Detroit Chapter #9, Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Scholarship
  • Lt Col William E. Hanna, Jr., USAFR Flight Scholarship Fund
  • Lt Col Edward J. Myzie Flight Academy Scholarship
  • Capt Nick Schroder Cadet Scholarship Fund
  • Lt Col Ralph N Shaver, II Cadet Scholarship Fund
  • Charles and Lenke Tarr Endowment Fund benefitting Nellis Senior Squadron
  • William Penn Foundation Flight Scholarship

Our Civil Air Patrol Foundation Board of Trustees

Class of 2022

Col Rajesh Kothari, CAP (Chair)
Managing Director, Cascade Partners
Ms. Stacey Bechdolt (Vice-Chair)
Engineering & Air Safety (Attorney), Air Line Pilots Association
Lt Gen Kevin McLaughlin, USAF (Ret)
President, McLaughlin Global Associates
Mr. Karl Geng
President and CEO (Retired), Siemens Communications

Class of 2023

Lt Col Richard Flowers, CAP
Retired, Attorney
Ms. Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison
Change Management Advisor & Leadership Coach, Federal Aviation Administration
Dr. Peggy Chabrian
CEO/President, Chabrian Aviation

Class of 2024

Col Curtis Boehmer, CAP
Mediator, Silver Eagle Services LLC
Mr. Paul Graziani
Chief Executive Officer, AGI
Brig Gen Leon Johnson, USAF (Ret) Immediate Past President, Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.

To contact us:
Email: Phone: 833-IAM-4CAP or 833-426-4227 (toll free)
Mail: Civil Air Patrol Foundation, 105 S Hansell, Bldg 714, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112