Donate Crypto, Save on Taxes, Make a Difference

Donate Crypto Now

Donate cryptoCivil Air Patrol is at the forefront saving lives and shaping futures, which is why we’ve added a new tool for fueling our work. We are now accepting cryptocurrency donations. This gives us one more way to fund our work.

Crypto isn’t for everyone. But if you invested in cryptocurrency, it’s likely worth more than you paid for it.

Despite occasional market volatility, Bitcoin is still one of the best-performing assets over the past five to 10 years. If you own some, you may have a very low cost basis and you should evaluate the tax implications before cashing in.

One impactful option that can save you on taxes: Using crypto to support our mission. You can direct your gift through Crypto for Charity, which will allow you to make a tax-deductible gift of crypto that is converted to U.S. dollars immediately* so we can put your gift to work building the nation's finest force of volunteers to aid America’s communities.

What Are My Tax Benefits?

Your cryptocurrency gift to Civil Air Patrol qualifies for an income tax deduction for its fair market value, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) with a five-year carryover. If you have held your cryptocurrency for more than a year, you also avoid the capital gains tax you would have paid if you sold it.

This Gift Is Right for You If:

  • You would like to receive a federal income tax deduction in the year you make your gift.
  • You would like to avoid capital gains tax.
  • You would like to make an impact on our mission.


If you are interested in giving Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to Civil Air Patrol, please contact Ms. Kristina E. Jones, M.A., CFRE, at 833-426-4227 (toll free) or We are happy to walk you through the process.

*Your donation goes to a 501(c)3 we partnered with called Cocatalyst Impact. Your tax receipt will reflect your gift having been made to that intermediary nonprofit. Then your gift will be liquidated, and U.S. dollars will be sent directly to Civil Air Patrol. Note: 3.95% of your donation—about the same as a credit card fee—is donated to Cocatalyst Impact to help generate more crypto donations to all charities through better tools and more marketing.